We would suggest that couples don’t just purchase the cheapest wedding insurance available without first considering other levels of wedding insurance cover. Read wedding insurance Guide to make sure your new wedding insurance policy ticks all the right boxes. No, it is up to you whether you would like to take out wedding insurance. The loss or theft of any part of the wedding will be reimbursed including your wedding gifts.

The cost of wedding insurance varies depending on two factors: which insurance Company you choose and what level of cover you opt for. We’ve reviewed the best-known wedding Insurance companies in the to help you understand the reasons for buying wedding insurance and what it costs. He believes this is the key exclusion in the policy, since many engagements are called off prior to the wedding.

Simple Guide To Wedding Insurance

Travel insurance policies do not cover undisclosed medical conditions, please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions. Like any insurance, wedding insurance covers you for a wide range of problems that might happen on the day, and compensates you for any losses. Planning your wedding can be expensive so the last thing you need is any issues to arise.

Are able to provide very competitive premiums on both Wedding Insurance and Travel Insurance plans. There are five different levels of wedding insurance, with worldwide cover as standard for failure of suppliers. This is where wedding insurance can help. There is also cover available if any of your suppliers go bust or let you down. If you pay your wedding suppliers by credit card, you’re already protected by the Consumer Credit Act.

Wedding Insurance Quotes

If you have home insurance, your home insurance policy might have some provision for weddings, or possibly allow you to extend cover for a wedding. You need to know if your insurance provider will cover loss or damage to the bride and groom’s wedding rings. The cake is also covered up to the beginning of reception.

Wedding insurance is paid in one upfront payment and the cover could last longer than the 24 hours of your wedding day depending on your insurer. There will be upper limits to the amount the insurer pays out so check this will cover the amount you have paid. So bear in mind that you might have to buy separate honeymoon cover or take out a travel insurance policy.

Is It Worth Taking Out Wedding Insurance?

Taking out wedding Insurance is undeniably a sensible part of your wedding planning, but it is easy to get confused by the small print. For peace of mind, Wedding Insurance will ensure that, if disaster strikes, you can claim for irrecoverable costs. It was an extremely stressful time for everyone. If anything like this happens you will be legally responsible for all the costs.

From directory of wedding insurance providers, could help you find affordable policies to cover your specific needs. Any services that are already booked will automatically be covered from the date the insurance is paid for and issued. Your wedding day can be a huge financial commitment and is one of the most important days of your life.

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